Dr. Patrick Rogers, D.D., L.S.S., M.A.

Dr. Patrick Rogers, (b. 1943), lectures in New Testament and Early Christian Literature at the Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy in Dublin, Ireland. He has taught in this field since 1971, at colleges and universities in Dublin, Kenya, Australia, and America. He was visiting Flannery Professor of New Testament at Gonzaga University, Spokane (1989-90) and still makes regular visits to the Unites States on speaking engagements. While his major degrees are in Biblical Studies (from the Pontifical Biblical Institute, Rome, and the Gregorian University, Rome), he also studied Classics and Philosophy at University College Dublin, and maintains a keen interest in Greek and Latin authors.

Dr. Rogers' interest in assembling useful public-domain materials onto computer disk goes back to the 1980's, but has received new energy from the abundance of fine public-domain texts now available for scanning, many of them already online on the internet. A motive for bringing out this collection as a single publication was his discovery of the power and flexibility of Folio Views -- a software which allows huge amounts of texts to be stored for easy access and multiple-level searches. With this program, one can really have these Classic texts "at your fingertips".

The initial goal of this project was to make available (for theology students and others interested in the field) a range of resources for the study of Christian origins. At a later stage, its scope was broadened to include philosophy, history and English literature, each of which now forms its own category (or Bookstack) in this collection. His careful indexing allows the CD user to easily browse the chapter-headings of every one of the many volumes included in the collection.


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