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Finally a digital library that provides real value. Complete texts of 1,600+ books by more than 600 authors, old but newly edited in these categories:

Bibles; Church Fathers; Greco-Roman Texts; Theology; Philosophy; History; Biography; Literature; Fiction; Drama; Poetry and Essays

The CD library is a must have for anyone doing research, sermons, seminary study or simply to read an extensive collection of texts.

Complete texts of 1,600+ books by 600+ authors, old but newly edited, collected and arranged by Dr. Patrick Rogers.

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The entire library is yours for $35.00 including shipping ($40.00 International). Click on left to buy the CD!

CD features include:

Personalization; Multiple Highlighters; Hit Lists; Focused Results; Grouping of Information (e.g. index cards); Printing; Cut and Paste; Shadow Files (change text and size)

Enhanced searching allows you to search by and within:

  • Single Author, all works
  • Single Author, one work
  • Multiple Selected Authors and Works
  • Table of Contents with results

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